People are facing fear and uncertainty. Together, we can fight homelessness in these extraordinary times.

Shelter Cymru is an independent Welsh charity, founded on the belief that everyone in Wales has the right to a decent, secure home.


Since 1981, we have helped almost a million people fight for their rights, get back on their feet and find and keep a home. We provide free, independent, expert housing advice and legal support on the phone, online and face to face in 75 advice surgeries across all 22 local authorities in Wales; our frontline services are completely free of charge and are available to all.


The one message we have all heard loud and clear over the last few months is ‘Stay Home’. But what if that home is at risk, or if you just don’t have one? Since the start of the Coronavirus outbreak, we have continued to offer our free support services to families and individuals facing or experiencing homelessness. 75% of households in Wales have reported a drop in income due to the current crisis, placing more people than ever at risk of losing their safe place of refuge – their home. We have seen a dramatic rise in the number of households supported via our helpline since lockdown – an increase of 105% in comparison with the same period last year. With the disruption to our lives likely to continue for many months, it’s crucial that our work continues so that we can be here for anyone in housing need.


Every penny raised through Castles & Cathedrals will enable us to help more people in Wales who are either living in poor housing, facing homelessness or already rough sleeping.


Thank you for supporting us by taking part.

“I’ve heard people say you can’t become homeless if you have kids, but that’s not true. I found myself homeless with my daughter when my landlord wanted the house back to live in. I didn’t have a choice: I didn’t have hundreds of pounds spare to move into another house. We were homeless for nearly two years living in temporary accommodation; it’s not what I ever wanted for my daughter. If it can happen to us, it can happen to anyone.”

- Katey